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What's Happening

  • New Years Eve Is Going To Be A Blast!:

    We’ve got everything we need to throw a great New Years Eve party.
    Live music with The Legendary Goldblooms and Luke Waters, legendary service, fun staff, great food and drinks, large tables for big groups and dancing (just not on the tables) – All that’s missing is you and all your friends.

    We We’re open all day and doors open for the show at at 9pm (There is a $10 cover charge after 9pm).

  • Movember Success:

    Hey everybody, for the month of Movember we will be donating a quarter for every Coors Light or Canadian Draught $5 for every regular priced full rack of Ribs and $1 for very glass of our feature wine ,Wine Men of Gotham Chardonnay and the Wine Men of Gotham Shiraz Also if someone wants to buy a Fake moustache for $1 we will give the $$ to the cause .thanks for reading and remember to get your Moustache on!!!

  • Fall festivities are in full swing!!:

    Looking for a spot to stop in before heading out on your Halloween night? Why not stop in for some creepy wings! Wing night is the same night as Halloween this year so have some wings then have a great time.

  • Patio season is almost finished, have you been yet?:

    Well as the month of August comes to a close that means that Patio season is almost over. You have one month left to check out the best patio in Halifax before the cold comes and we are forced to shut it down. Hope you make it before Sept 30th.

What's on Today

Burger Night !!

Order any our our great Burgers for half the regular price !!

"The patio is closed today, but INSIDE is wide open!"

"A cinema villain essentially needs a moustache so he can twiddle with it gleefully as he cooks up his next nasty plan. "

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your father's moustache award ribbon

"The Moustache never disappoints! The wings are the best in..." Read More


  • 2013 Faces Awards

    Winner Best Pub Food
 Winner Best Patio
 Winner Best Brunch

  • 2012 Coast Awards

    Winner Best Patio

  • 2011 Faces Magazine fan favourite awards

    Winner Best Pub Food 
Winner Best Patio

  • 2010 Coast Awards

    Winner Best Patio

  • 2009 Coast Awards

    Winner Best Patio
 Winner Best Clubhouse
 Our Pub Club was voted best Clubhouse so many times that in 2009 they retired the category and we are now in the hall of fame!!

  • 2008 Coast Awards

    Winner Best Wings
 Winner Best Patio
 Winner Best Clubhouse

  • 2007 Coast Awards

    Winner Best Wings 
Winner Best Patio
 Winner Best Clubhouse

  • 2006 Coast Awards

    Winner Best Wings Winner Best Patio Winner Best Clubhouse

  • 2005 Coast Awards

    Winner Best Wings
 Winner Best Patio
 Winner Best Clubhouse

  • 2004 Coast Awards

    Winner Best Patio
 Winner Best Wings
 Winner Best Clubhouse

  • 2003 Coast Awards

    Winner Best Clubhouse as well as Best Wings

  • 2001 Coast Awards

    Winner Best Patio


8th Annual John MacIntyre Golf Tournament

The John MacIntyre Scholarship Fund was started 8 years ago when John and his wife were killed driving home by a drunk driver. Your Father's Moustache supported this great cause with 4 golf shirts and 4 $40 gift certificates.


  • Pawel K. says...

    Great place! Nice atmosphere, great drinks and food. Important to know: every Tuesday - steak night. Every Thursday - chicken wings night!

  • Dylan B. says...

    It's next to work so I go here a bit but it has ups and downs particularly around service. The last year or so it's been on an upswing and service has been...

  • Andy L. says...

    Visited this bar/restaurant while I was on business in Halifax. It has some good food, good beer, and good atmosphere. I would for sure go back the next...

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